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              Welcome GUO ANDA CO.,LTD.!

              • People diligent in the early wind just sa…2018-03-07

                Year plan is in spring. As a good start, a good start, the occasion of the spring of 2018, the State Anda Co., Ltd. ushered in the new factory is the main gate opening ceremony, all staff witnessed the historic moment. At the ceremony, Chairman Hung W…

              • Dream voyage to create brilliant!2018-03-07

                2017 We are brave forward to win a historic breakthrough without difficulty 2018 We continue to innovate and continue writing new chapters

              • 2018 Guoda down, Thanksgiving, blessing, …2018-03-07

                9th day of the first month of the Chinese New Year thanksgiving, thanksgiving, praying for God's blessing, everything is just for a safe life!New Year and seek common development, booming, create brilliant!

              • Since the establishment of the company's …2018-03-02

                Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in research and development, production and sales of safety emergency products such as automatic fire extinguishing equipment. During the reporting period, there was no significant change in the ma…

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