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              Welcome GUO ANDA CO.,LTD.!

              The Company successfully signed the first bidding project for equipment materials of State Grid Fujian Power Co., Ltd. in 2015

              Author :    Time : 2018-03-02

              After two months of bidding, State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. in 2015 the first batch of equipment and materials bidding came to an end, yesterday I formally signed with the State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. fire fighting system procurement contract.

              February 3, 2015 bidding, announced on February 16 the successful candidate results, on February 27 on-site visits to the company, March 23 e-commerce platform contract came into effect, March 26 formally signed a contract marking the company's fire protection products Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. made the trust. We will be first-class service, always adhere to the "quality of win the trust of people, contact with the credibility of the people, service moved to people" business philosophy.
              Details of service procedures, work together with customers for a better future.

              The following is the qualification examination site Q & A

              Contract signing cover

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