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              • Fujian Provincial People's Congress propo…2018-03-02

                As a result of economic development, urban construction is accelerating and the population of cities is increasing. As a result, the situation of fire prevention in cities is becoming increasingly serious. Fire safety incidents in public places in par…

              • China Fire Protection Association held th…2018-03-02

                On January 26, 2015, the 19th meeting of the Fifth Standing Committee of China Fire Protection Association was held in Beijing. President Chen Weiming chaired the meeting. Wang Tiemin executive vice president, Li Xianghua, Zheng Yuhai, Fan Weicheng, F…

              • About firefighting product 3C certificati…2018-03-02

                All relevant units:According to the requirements of the Notice of the Ministry of Public Security on the Assessment of Compulsory Certification of Fire-fighting Products issued by the Ministry of Public Security's Fire-Fighting Products Conformity Ass…

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