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              • "War" fire: a secret firefighter 71 hours…2018-03-02

                January 29, at 9 am, a fire broke out on the top floor of the second phase warehouse of Bai Rong Mart in the vicinity of Muxiyuan Bridge, South Third Ring Road in Beijing. 850 officers and soldiers of 62 fire brigade fought for 71 hours with the fire …

              • Application of "Extreme Anda" Brand Ultra…2018-03-02

                First, ultra-fine powder introductionFire extinguishing agents used in the last century were mostly halon 1201 and 1301. At the time, it was thought that Halon 1301 is the best flame inhibitor for a variety of different types of fire. However, by the …

              • Feasibility Study of Communication Base S…2018-03-02

                Since entering the new century, the communications industry has made great strides, especially in mobile communications. With its convenience, speed and freedom from geographical restrictions, it has won widespread recognition. After rapid development…

              • Superfine powder in dining and entertainm…2018-03-02

                Most of the fires at restaurants and entertainment establishments and at home are caused by electricity, oil, gas and other factors: short-circuiting of power supply lines or ignition of electrical appliances, ignition of kitchen grease, leakage of li…

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